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About us

Ruta País Foundation is made up of a diverse and dynamic group of artisan workers, public entities that administer the localities, and a group of national and international architects and architects.


Our Foundation was born in 2020 as a response to the various problems that began to affect artisans as a result of the pandemic.



Ruta País consists of two main areas for creating a integrated platform:

A digital space where visitors and artisan workers can connect and interact directly , either for commercial or educational activities, without the intermission of any intermediary entities.

A system of local tourist routes that focus on the encouragement of artisanal trade and the visibilization of the processes involved in it, such as the extraction of raw materials, their processing and their eventual use in craftsmanship.

International Projects

Gabriela Jimenez Palma


Dannery Elizondo

Social Value Director

Marcelo Romero

Architecture Projects

Gonzalo Peña


María Pia Pareto Donoso

Audiovisual Record

Roberto Gonzalez Cominetti

Community Manager

Camila Briceño


Domingo Arancibia Tagle

Francisco Bozinovic Kuscevic 

Diego Kirberg Sermini

Francisco Rodriguez Grau

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